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Many Evenings - polish handmade brand
Many Evenings Ceramic Studio
Many Evenings Crochet Studio





...handmade full of passion

A modern take on


Unique polish handmade

Polish craft made with love 

Polish makers

Hi... It is Karolina and Rafał here... We are designers and makers in Many Evenings. In our studios you can find some truly amazing and unique creations. Have a look around!

Modern polish handmade

There is a little bit magic inside of every our item. It starts with the very first line done in a sketchbook. It is then shaped by our experience and skills. With magic come passion, vision, dreams and story of the craftsman. 



Products made with passion just for you

Thank you for supporting this small business. Your purchase makes our dreams come true. Thanks to you we can design and create even more awesome products.

Ceramic Studio

Blog - read it, try it and become a superhero in your own workshop... Tips, tricks and tutorials straight from my studio. 

Where there's a will, there's a way... Let me help you to make your ceramic projects come true. Feel free to contact me with individual orders. 

Looking for some astonishing handmade ceramics? Visit my shop and find your favourites... 

Place where unique handcrafted ceramics is created
Craft made with passion

They love us



Love It!!!





Sooo pretty 








Really neat movement and color



Crochet Studio

Want your little model to be on cloud nine...? Check our stylish handmade newborn photo props. 

Looking for a baby's best friend? Amazing crochet blankets are waiting here for your little one... 

Feel like making something by yourself? Turn one of our crochet patterns into your new project.

Stylish props for newborn photography


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