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If you are tired of heartless and dull mass production, this is your happy place. In my studio you will find some truly remarkable ceramics to your home or workplace. It is a great example of authentic polish design expressed in unconventional shape and form. Rules are pretty simple here – design comes with functionality.
Before the idea is brought to life from a pile of clay, I visualise the final product. I think of its texture, colour, purpose and even potential surrounding. And this is when the journey starts... the idea takes form. It begins with few vague lines on pages of my sketchbook. Then the first prototypes are created, tested and further developed. Eventually the final product is taken out of my kiln.
Work with clay is a series of successes and failures; it is a pretty bumpy road full of surprises. Hours of hard work and never-ending learning result in very unique and extraordinary objects coming to life in my own hands. 
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Many Evenings - polish handmade brand

From start to finish...

...handmade from polish ceramic studio

Every detail made by hand

Magic revealed by glazing

Simple rules - design equal to practicability

From my workshop, straight to your door

Many Evenings Ceramic Studio

Many Evenings Ceramic Studio - home of amazing polish design



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Many Evenings s.c.