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Woollen mini blankets with beautiful lacy appearance

Four Seasons Blankets

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Small blankets with really pretty and rich texture

Henry the Blanket Collection

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Very soft and chunky blanket, perfect as basket stuffer

Snowflake Blanket

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Extremely hairy and fluffy mohair blankets

Furball Blanket Collection

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Super chunky woollen blankets with 
lovely texture 

Woollen Cloud 
Blanket Collection 

All my newborn photo props are handmade from the best quality materials. They were all designed for one purpose: to make your photographs stand out from the crowd. In the age of mass production, unique and remarkable props are your ‘wow factor’. So if you are looking for something special and extraordinary, this is your place. Look over beautiful textures and various sizes and materials. Choose from delicate mohair, practical synthetics, warm and chunky wool or pure cotton.  

Handmade props for newborn photography

Handmade Props for Newborn Photography
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