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Snowflake Blanket

  • 100% polyester

  • size: 15.5" (40 cm) x 17.5" (45 cm)

  • chunky and squishy

Newborn Photo Props – Snowflake Blanket


This blanket was especially designed as a ‘stuffing’ for baskets, bowls or mini beds during newborn photo shoots. It is made of extremely soft and chunky polyester yarn.  The blanket is very squishy, stretchy and comfortable. It has a lovely texture and it will surely add warmth and coziness to your newborn photographs.




The blanket is approximately 15.5’’ (40 cm) wide and 17.5’’ (45 cm) long (+ - 1‘’ / 2.5 cm).  Due to handcrafted nature of the item, the actual size may vary.  


Care Instructions:


Snowflake Blanket can be washed in the washing machine and tumble dried.  No bleaching, ironing or dry cleaning is allowed. More information comes with the product.




All blankets are made to order. Depending on the number of commissions it may take from 1 to 2 weeks.  




Snowflake Blanket is available in lovely vintage white shade.


Special thanks to Karolina Kozłowska from Fotografia Paheli for gorgeous photos. 



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